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TRAINING ONE 8-Week Home Study:
Febuary 1, 2018
NYC Course:
April 14-17, 2018
TRAINING TWO 8-Week Home Study:
June 1, 2018
NYC Course:
August 11-14, 2018
TRAINING THREE 8-Week Home Study:
October 1, 2018
NYC Course:
December 15-18, 2018





To become a Tupler Technique® Trained Professional and learn how to specialize in treating diastasis recti, you must complete an intensive training program and successfully pass a written and 30 minute demonstration exam. Only 10 Professionals are trained in each training. There are three trainings a year. The cost of the training is $4000. This is for the  8 week homestudy program, the 4 days course in NYC, acess to Julie througout the whole program and all the training materials.

The program is taught exclusively by Julie Tupler, RN.

After the training agreement is signed, the program starts with an 8 week home study module. During the home study period the Professional must learn the Tupler Technique® and practice this on three case studies - themselves and two other people with a diastasis. These case studies must be presented during the next step of the program at the three day course in New York City. During the home study period, Professionals stay in contact with Julie on a weekly basis.

The 4 day course in New York City starts with an all day class on Sunday.  On Monday, Professionals practice their demonstration exam, take their written exam and participate in an EveryBelly® Seminar taught by Julie Tupler. Professionals learn the logistics of how to teach this seminar. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Professionals are individually scheduled to take their demonstration exam.

If Professionals pass the written and demonstration exams, they will be given their Tupler Technique® Trained Professional Certificate and are welcome to join a Tupler Technique® Membership of their choice.

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To get started on becoming a Tupler Technique® Trained Professional, fill out an application by clicking here.

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